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Gilbert and Sullivan rehearsal aids on Audio CD

You may order your Audio CDs online, and pay us securely with any major credit card, in any major currency, through PayPal. This is by far the easiest way, and your CDs will be sent to you within 2 working days of our receiving your order.
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'Utopia Limited' on Audio CD

The Complete Set - Chorus and Soloists
20 Audio CDs - (NZ$504.38)
The Complete Set - Chorus Only
8 Audio CDs - (NZ$214.35)
Individual Rôles and Chorus Parts
Chorus 1st Soprano - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)
Chorus 2nd Soprano - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)
Chorus 1st Alto - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)
Chorus 2nd Alto - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)
Chorus 1st Tenor - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)
Chorus 2nd Tenor - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)
Chorus 1st Bass - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)
Chorus 2nd Bass - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)
King Paramount - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)  
Scaphio - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)  
Phantis - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)  
Tarara & Captain Sir Edward Corcoran - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)  
Lord Dramaleigh - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)  
Captain Fitzbattleaxe - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)  
Mr Goldbury - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)  
Sir Bailey Barre & Mr Blushington - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)  
Princess Zara & Phylla - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)  
Princess Nekaya - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)  
Princess Kalyba - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)  
Lady Sophy - 1 Audio CD (NZ$37.81)  

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