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Testimonials Archive (2013 and earlier)

Read what some of our customers said !

"Got the files and already downloaded. Excellent service! Keep up the good work." (DB, Lancashire, UK)

"I have just come back from rehearsals and told everyone there about your site and the help you have given." (DR, Wales)

"Thank you for your excellent service. The CDs arrived this morning!" (SO, Warwickshire, UK)

"Great to hear from you. I've received the CD, prompt as ever!" (KT, West Yorkshire, UK)

"Trust me, your CDs are a gift from the heavens. These discs are wonderful." (JM, Victoria, Australia)

"Thanks for the quick turnaround on the midi files. The tracks sound great, and this is an ideal way to learn the part without repeatedly troubling a piano-player to plonk out the notes for me." (PL, Pennsylvania, USA)

"Your materials have been a great help in these past few years. I anticipate needing much more in the future. I thank you very much for all your wonderful work, and the help you given me." (WL, California, USA)

"Thank you for the order confirmation. We really appreciate your service. It comes in very, very handy! ... I'll let you know when the set has arrived. Thank you for the expeditious way in which your shipping is handled." (RP, California, USA)

"The Pish-Tush CD arrived safe and sound, and it's absolutely invaluable. So much better than playing the accompaniment myself. Now I have allowed myself to be talked into singing a song from 'The Grand Duke' - so that's where you come in!" (JM, Victoria, Australia)

"Our Choral Society seems to have a thing for Gilbert & Sullivan so I've made sure to 'favourite' your site for future use." (GW, Western Australia, Australia)

"Thank you for your prompt response to this matter, and thank you for the files and your help!! This is an amazing tool for actors/singers to use." (RLJ, Illinois, USA)

"Thank you for sending me the weblink. I have been downloading files this evening. Very precise and in-depth midi work - you have provided a great resource! Many thanks." (NG, New South Wales, Australia)

"Bless you. The files work perfectly, thank you very much!!" (KL, West Yorkshire, UK)

"We have had some midi files from you for the chorus and I have to say thank you; they are making my life much easier. I have and will recommend them to everyone!" (JP, Sussex, UK)

"Thank You! My wife and I are brushing up for a performance of Pirates with Opera S----- B------! As a aural learner, this will be a big help to me, so thank you for having this resource available." (GP, California, USA)

"Many thanks for the CD which arrived this morning. A very prompt service indeed! I think your rehearsal aids are fantastic and I will share my knowledge of 'Musical Solutions' with the rest of the company at M---------- Opera." (CECD, Borders, Scotland)

"Thank you so much for your fabulous site! I've forwarded your main page link to all the musical society members I know." (WT, County Dublin, Eire)

"Believe me, as soon as I was assigned my vocal part for this November's "Pirates of Penzance", I scurried to the computer to place my order. Last time out, I was a piratical tenor so I have a few new lines to learn and your files will be a huge help." (WH, Massachusetts, USA)

"Just wanted you to know that, with your help, I have gotten all your midi files up and running. And what an incredible music tool for me to use, building my confidence so early in the rehearsal process. I'm so fortunate that one of the co-directors of "Trial by Jury" was familiar with your software application. And your willingness to go above and beyond providing the midi files with your e-mail guidance speaks very highly of your commitment to excellence in music." (WJ, California, USA)

"Many thanks for the CD....its perfect...just what I need to learn my part. I will recommend Musical Solutions to the members of our G & S Society!" (RN, Cambridgeshire, UK)

"I am delighted with the rehearsal files. They will be a great help for a 'fast learn'. I will pass your website on to other choir members. Very many thanks for all your help." (TW, Borders, UK)

"The CDs arrived here yesterday - thanks VERY much indeed - they are perfect." (TC, Berkshire, UK)

"I received the audio CD of Major General Stanley's part, and I am very pleased. We'd like to purchase the full set of audio CDs." (TW, Maine, USA)

"I'm currently trying to learn Trial by Jury, book down, in 1 week. I have found that your midi files speed up the learning process hugely and as a result have opened up a whole new world of G&S for me." (LH, Glamorgan, Wales)

"I've played Lady Jane [in 'Patience'] umpteen times but for some reason the audition committee saw fit to ask me to do Lady Angela ... seems I'm getting younger! So I desperately need your good midis to help me learn her part. And while I know the song of the Duchess [in 'The Gondoliers'], I'd prefer to be spot on for the audition and know that your midi will do that for me." (MS, Pennsylvania, USA)

"Your site is a wonderful resource." (JB, Massachusetts, USA)

"Thanks so much for the music files. They have been successfully downloaded. I have asked our music group and we would like to order the complete chorus set." (DN, Kuwait)

"The naming of the MIDI files is beautifully elegant, and easy to understand. This is, indeed, a "musical solution" for us, as several in our chorus cannot read music, and depend on neighboring voices to lead the way. Thank you for having this product available." (KT, Florida, USA)

"Thanks as always for your prompt service. I've downloaded the files and tested them and they're absolutely brilliant. I must say I do agree with Michael Rayner's comments: your files provide an invaluable learning aid (I'm a poor pianist so really can't use the keyboard to pick out the notes effectively)." (ND, Essex, UK)

"We find these very useful tools for learning and memorization. I hope there are many others who are taking advantage of your service." (RP, California, USA)

"The CDs proved a great hit last year! I work with singers with such a huge range of talents, from 'non-readers' to music college students, and all found they helped, so thank you." (SR, Sussex, UK)

"Thanks for your prompt attention as always. We are just starting our rehearsals for The Gondoliers next Easter and three people separately all asked me last night to get them practice CD's, hence the order. I am very pleased with my own for Giuseppe." (MM, Derbyshire, UK)

"I've downloaded them all, and all the ones I've tried have played wonderfully ... I particularly appreciate the quick service." (EGC, California, USA)

"I find this method of rehearsal invaluable" (BG, France)

"Thanks again for your prompt response to the order, and I look forward to learning my notes - quickly and accurately." (GR, Yorkshire, UK)

"You sure are a pleasure to do business with :-)" (DW, California, USA)

"You are very efficient. Some of these big organisations could take lessons from you on customer relations! Great to do business with you." (IM, Kent, UK)

"I wish there were more people about like you ... In truth I am a little inept at reading music and this is my underground way of fitting myself for performances ... I'm a great supporter of G&S and think people like you should be encouraged ... Thanks for your excellent service." (ED, Suffolk, UK)

"Thank you again for your help and for this great rehearsal aid." (JR, New Jersey, USA)

"Consider me 110% delighted with your service!" (WH, Massachusetts, USA)

"Thanks for your kind help. The music has now been downloaded, converted and stored. Not bad for a non techie!" (EF, Cambridgeshire, UK)

"Thanks for your quick action on my purchase. The MIDI files will be a great aid for my part as a member of the crew of HMS Pinafore which is scheduled to open in 3 months' time. I much appreciated the Grand Duke files which assisted me recently in the part of Ernest Dummkopf." (RD, California, USA)

"These MIDI files are an excellent rehearsal tool. I had a rehearsal last night and already had a tremendous improvement over last time. I even used the files to help the rest of the ladies' chorus learn a very difficult passage - we plugged my iPod into a CD player/amplifier and they were able to learn their part without having to concentrate on hitting the right notes on the piano. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" (AD, Ohio, USA)

"Thanks! What a great tool this is!!!" (KH, New Jersey, USA)

"Thanks so much. They downloaded beautifully and played right away. I appreciate your quick response and the great product you offer." (AK, Pennsylvania, USA)

"As ever, my profound thanks to you for your help." (CJB, Tyne and Wear, UK)

"It is good to come across an organisation that is so observant and thoughtful. I will shortly visit the site and download the files, and will be back for a copy of 'Dr. Daly' for a colleague." (PC, West Midlands, UK)

"The CD arrived yesterday. An excellent service, for which I am most grateful." (RH, Hampshire, UK)

"The files have been a great help and my use of them earned me a handshake from the musical director after my maiden attempt at the first act solo. First time G&S'er" (HS, Ontario, Canada)

"When I placed my first order, I was in the chorus - I have now been asked to take the part of Pitti-Sing, which was most unexpected. I will need all the help I can get and am finding the midi files invaluable." (JT, London, UK)

"Your files are so helpful, and I know the cast will really appreciate them." (MO, California, USA)

"Thanks, very easy to use ... these will be a great help. Now I just need to learn Frederic's music!" (NP, Buckinghamshire, UK)

"Thank you so much for connecting the download for me so quickly. I have been called in to coach a local theater group doing "Pirates" and these midi files are going to be a life-saver." (DL, Hawaii, USA)

"Thank you ... Your customer service is unsurpassed!" (DB, California, USA)

"This is fantastic! This will be a tremendous help to our program, and a big relief to me. This is a great resource you have here! Thanks so much!!!" (KS, Washington, USA)

"I have downloaded the files - many thanks. Your files are being used by the Gaborone Music Society who are doing a concert version of "The Mikado". I have always found the files very helpful when preparing for a concert - Ko-Ko this time." (JJ, Gaborone, Botswana)

"Although I sort-of know the line, I could think of no better way to brush-up my G&S than a purpose-made CD!" (SH, Cheshire, United Kingdom)

"I had no problem downloading, and am now listening (and will sing along with the help of G. Schirmer later). Your price was definitely affordable, and far preferable to spending hours (which I don't have) doing it myself. Thanks again." (CGD, Colorado, USA)

"Your "Mikado" MIDI files were invaluable - I had only four weeks to learn Pish-Tush, and although it's not a big part he has some slightly tricky bits. Many thanks!" (WR, United Kingdom)

"Thank you so much for the MIDI files. They were most helpful and our production of "Trial by Jury" was a great success. I hope to deal with you very soon for "HMS Pinafore"." (MN, Texas, USA)

"Thank you for your email and prompt response. The CDs did in fact arrive today, so thank you once more for your fast sevice - I have already recommended you to a friend of mine for their forthcoming production in the new year!" (SR, United Kingdom)

"I already have a different set of rehearsal files for our upcoming "Pirates", but decided to get yours as well as I find them a better rehearsal aid." (LM, United Kingdom)

"I'm writing to thank you for the wonderful work you do. We have just purchased our third set of chorus files for North Toronto Players (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). Each year our chorus has grown stronger and more confident in their music with the use of the midi practice files. It has been a tremendous asset for our group and we look forward to another great season with "Yeomen of the Guard"." (CF, Canada)

"Firstly a big thank you for "The Mikado" rehearsal files. Pish Tush was my first ever G&S principal part and the midi files were used daily in my preparation. As a result I was able to more than hold my own in a highly successful production in May. I must have been ok as I've now been asked to play Mr.Cox in "Cox and Box"! ... Many thanks for your help." (ND, United Kingdom)

"I want to thank you again for the previous recording of The Mikado which we performed to a near-packed house for the 6-night run this year. The performance was excellent, and my contribution in the chorus was more confident from the use of your CD which really helped me to learn my part thoroughly." (AL, United Kingdom)

"You are very quick! Thank-you - I've downloaded all the files and the midi tracks are great!" (AD, United Kingdom)

"Thank you once again for all your help and a really excellent service!" (AH, United Kingdom)

"Thanks for prompt response - I've had a quick flick through and the tracks I've listened to are great - just the job. For your interest, I play these through an ancient Korg NS5R sound module into my hi-fi" (GR, United Kingdom)

"Just to say a heartfelt thank you - the Yeomen files were extremely helpful and helped me to hold my own (as Phoebe) against our strongest soprano so many many thanks!" (KR, United Kingdom)

"I have been able to download all my existing files onto my new computer. Many thanks for your help. I daresay I'll be in touch for more files in the future!" (CD, United Kingdom)

"I have been absolutely delighted with my rehearsal files for The Mikado which we are performing at the moment. I have played the part of Peep Bo and also sang the alto part and found the files brilliant for helping me to learn my part." (JT, United Kingdom)

"The rehearsal files for Yeomen of the Guard were so helpful, I've come back for more!" (CJB, United Kingdom)

"This site is fabulous!" (EdG, Connecticut, USA)

"Many thanks for your prompt and courteous response ... Nice to do business with you" (JW, Cheshire, U.K.)

"These rehearsal files are simply wonderful" (SP, New York, USA)

"I was able to download the files with Firefox and encountered no difficulty. My 'Pirates' cast has been emailing and calling me about the files. They have been so helpful to us! You are providing a much-needed service to companies like ours ..." (DB, California, USA)

"Downloaded successfully. Thanks for all your help.". (T.K., Norfolk, U.K.)

"Thanks for such prompt service! ... I'm pretty new to this, so need all the help I can get. All seems fine with the files. Don't be surprised if you get requests for Mikado files from other members ... !". (N.D., London, U.K.)

"Many thanks for all your help ... we'll be back for Pinafore next year". (C.J.B., United Kingdom)

"I received the files today... have just had a quick listen to them - FANTASTIC! Will be a big help for my rehearsals! ... thanks again for all your help! Will be recommending you to the rest of the cast!". (V.D., United Kingdom)

"I have received the MIDI files and wow!!! I really like how you have organized them. Having this material will make my job easier.". (T.K., British Columbia, Canada)

"Thank you so much for another set of brilliant files! They were so useful for Mikado and Pinafore which we performed at the Buxton festival this year! Better get on and start learning Ruddigore! Many thanks once again!". (M.A., Manchester, UK)

"Many thanks to you for providing such a wonderful G&S resource. I am astounded when I think of the time and effort expended in producing these files. Even more, I am amazed at the musical and technical artistry ... When I mounted my first G&S production (Mikado) in 1972, I spent hours and hours punching out parts on audio cassettes for each cast member. It takes an experience like that to fully appreciate your achievement!". (R.R., Yokota, Japan)

"Many thanks for the files ... We do a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta each year, and I will try to get my society to get a complete set at the beginning of our rehearsals ... I did want to thank you so much for the files; they are most helpful". (B.B., Vermont, USA)

"I have downloaded the files and all seems to be working well. Thank you. I have book-marked your site and will be returning whenever I am attempting new repertoire". (I.S., Ontario, Canada)

"This was precisely what I am looking for. It is marvellous. I think this is an excellent device for learning parts. I will try to convince my company to purchase complete operas in the future.". (C.M., Maryland, USA)

"Thanks for the fast response. I am very happy that I have been able to transfer the songs to my Apple iPod so I can rehearse while I'm away on vacation". (B.B., Pennsylvania, USA)

"Thank you for your prompt reply and excellent service ... I will not download until I have pushed the PayPal button ... I am sure we will be using your rehearsal aids again". (B.G., Brie sous Archiac, France)

"Everybody was very happy with the midi files last year so our Board of Directors approved the purchase of files again for this year's production of Patience. The files should be even more helpful this year since people are less familiar with Patience than they were with Mikado". (D.S., Ottawa, Canada)

"Thanks for the phonecall, and the files sound great". (P.S., USA)

"... the show will be the best sung we have ever had due to your very helpful files ... it will sound a great deal like something Sullivan would recognize. The files are beautifully done: logical, exact, easy to follow, comprehensive. What a tremendous amount of work by you went into them! They are quite amazing". (D.W., Ohio, USA)

"The files have been successfully downloaded and unzipped ... I travel extensively for work and having this excellent tool in my laptop computer has made it possible for me rehearse and enjoy my music while away". (J.R., Pennsylvania, USA)

"I want to thank you very much for your call & attention to the problem [of] sending me the Guron files. Your call was totally unexpected, & your solution worked like a charm. Thanks again for going out of your way to help ...". (A.Z., Minnesota, USA)

"Thank you for the files from HMS Pinafore. They are excellent and will be very helpful in preparing for our show. Thank you also for your promptness in dealing with this". (D.J.W., Birmingham, UK)

"Many thanks for a great product and a superlative service !". (C.H., Nottinghamshire, UK)

"Files are fantastic. I know where to come next year !". (N.Q-T., Midlands, UK)

"We have already used [the CD] to produce audition pieces". (G.T-W., Cumbria, UK)

"I have to say that your producing these files is a God-send ! If one person in our society knows Grand Duke I will be surprised". (A.C., Yorkshire, UK)

"If it's as good as the last one, I won't be disappointed". (K.M., Pennsylvania, USA)

"I just had to e-mail you to say what a great resource your MIDI rehearsal files are. You have saved me hours of painstaking entry. I will be ordering another .zip file shortly ... Thanks for the prompt service". (B.S., Berkshire, UK)

"Having been well pleased with the Yeomen files you sent me ... I would like to order again - this time Mikado". (D.A., Hampshire, UK)

"We would like to order all of the operas ... The Gondoliers files have been very well received and I'm sure that these files will get a lot of use in the future". (N.F., Jersey, Channel Islands)

"Thanks for the Mikado files. The set I got from you last year was a terrific help to me in preparing for The Sorcerer ... Here's how I used your files: First of all, I have kids. This means that I spend a lot of time in the car, shuttling them between activities. So, I made a CD of my parts [ which is easily done using a program such as Midi2Wav Recorder ] and played it in the car whenever I found myself presented with a practice opportunity ... The result was that I was able to memorize my part and have it down cold before we began staging the show, and I was able to continuously refresh my memory throughout all the staging and dancing sessions. By the time opening night came along, the music was second nature to me, which allowed me to relax, and focus almost entirely on stage presence. I'm very pleased to have discovered your service, and will probably continue with annual contacts for as long as I'm involved in G&S productions". (M.W., Ottawa, Canada)

"As I have gone into a production of Pirates about half-way through the rehearsal period, I have to say that the midi files have been an extremely useful way of helping me to learn/practise the music". (J.M., Essex, UK)

"I downloaded in less than a minute ... This is really a "cool" medium and I appreciate the prompt delivery. This will be very helpful in practising". (R.R., Delaware, USA)

"I am sure I shall be ordering more from you in the future". (L.K., London, UK)

"It's working fine ... Many thanks". (J.B., British Columbia, Canada)

"We now have a link to your site. Keep up the good work !". (S.A.C., Milton Keynes, UK)

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